Tray Dividers

A No-Brainer Practical Solution For Organizing Your Kitchen!

Staying true to the company policy of creating convenience for kitchen storage, Slide Out Shelves LLC offers custom built tray dividers. These are perfect for storing your baking trays, serving dishes, and more. Basically, they are vertical dividers made out of sturdy wood or chrome material to provide stable support for heavy platters and trays.

You can buy one or more tray dividers from our range of stylish and practical options. You can customize these according to the available space of your cabinets and the number of trays you wish to store. Because of their versatility, tray dividers can be used in any kind of base or wall cabinet in most kitchens. All of our dividers come with a selection of easy-to-install clips and mounting hardware that’s high-quality.

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Chrome Tray Dividers
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