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Are you searching Google for "Pantry Pull Out Shelves" or "Slide Out Pantry Shelves", while shopping for pull out pantry shelves. If so, Slide Out Shelves, LLC can help. We sell a variety of pull out shelves for kitchen pantries.

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Pantry Pull Outs

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Pantry Pull Outs

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Maximize Pantry Storage Space

Maximize the storage space in your kitchen with these pull out pantry shelves. We have 4 options available with different widths and heights made to fit in any kitchen pantry. They pull out pantry shelved ride on a soft closing slide system that prevent slamming the pantry closet shut. Constructed with high quality Baltic Birch, they feature 3 adjustable shelves (additional adjustable shelves available), and are available in white or maple colors.

Benefits Of Pantry Pull Outs

Pull Out Pantry Shelf For Sale  

In most pantries and kitchen cabinets, there is extra space that was left over by the kitchen builder. In smaller cabinets, this doesn't really matter much because it's such a small space that was lost. But in a pantry, there is usually a huge amount of space that goes unused. Most homeowners use that space to store tall objects but some would like to use it to store more food.

Pull out pantry shelves can help you use that wasted space. Pull out shelves are able to be installed in pantries that have empty cabinet space. This gives you the opportunity to increase the amount of small objects (food, cans, etc) that you can store on the shelves. You can even use them for long-term emergency food storage. They also act as a dispensary for easy and quick meals when you have a home full of people.

There are tons of benefits of Pantry pull out shelves. Read below to discover the many benefits of DIY pull out units:

1. No More Bending & Reaching - No longer do you need to reach far back in your cabinets or bend over to access them. Seniors love these pull outs because it helps them access items easier without bending over.

2. Organization - These slide out pantry shelves make it easier to stack your items for easy access. The roll-out feature makes it easy to organize stackable items.

3. Increase Home Resale Value - You can increase the resale value of your home by making home improvements and installing these pantry shelves qualifies as a home improvement. Homebuyers love these shelves and you might not even sell your home after installing them.

4. Built With Quality Wood - Our slide out units are built with high quality Birch wood. They are built to last a lifetime. We also offer the glides and hardware for easy replacement.

5. DIY Installation - Save money and install these shelves yourself. We offer instructional videos that will teach you how to install these shelves DIY vs. having a cabinet contractor install them for you. 

Installation Instructions

Learn how to install these DIY pull out pantry shelves yourself by following a simple installation guide.

Pantry Pull Out Reviews & Testimonials

"Nice pantry pull out unit it is so difficult to find a complete pull out unit this narrow" Jolene

"Well made pantry pull out unit. Highly recommend" Keith

"Turned a closet in my RV to a pull out pantry unit with this product. Had to build out the sidewalls which is tricky in an RV to make the unit fit but it works good" Bryan

"Couldn't get to most things in my pantry before installing pull out shelves in my pantry but now after putting everything away, I have a ton of room now.  (doing the happy dance!)" Nancy

"The sliding shelves for cabinets are the best item we have added to our kitchen remodeling. The sliding shelves are very well made and fit into our kitchen and pantry cabinets perfectly. We are very very pleased with your product and could not believe how fast you sent them out to us. Great DIY sliding shelf project for anyone" Suzanne

"The shelves were easy to install! Fast deliver! Love them, they have made a big improvement in my pantry." Janice 

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Pull Out Filler | 6 wide | 39 and 45 high
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Pantry Pull Out Shelf Unit | 8 1/2 -11 1/2 Openings
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Pantry Pull Out Shelf Unit | 6 1/2-8 1/2 Openings
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