Double Container

Double Pull Out Trash Cans

Under-cabinet double pull out trash cans are not only good looking but they are sturdy and convenient. They are installed under a lower kitchen cabinet and will glide out for easy access. The commercial ball bearing track keeps it quiet and easy to pull out.

Now you can dispose of trash without having your trash can out in the open for anyone to see, simply by installing a pull out trash can into your lower cabinets. The unit will simply roll out on a sliding track smoothly.

Benefits Of Double Pull Out Trash Containers

We do offer a variety of cabinet organizers that also make all items accessible easily – even those items that are hidden in the very back. These organizers make the items easy to see, use, and put away.

A pull out trash can is a great thing for your kitchen. It has several advantages such as it is out of sight and it isn’t and eyesore. It is also quite practical, because you just pull it out, drop your trash in. That’s it. It is more practical than opening a cabinet door, if your trash can is inside and having to close it each time.

·         Hides the trash can from view

·         One trash can for throwing away non-recyclable

·         One trash can for throwing away recycling products

·         Trash can is closer to the sink and countertop

Another type of advantage is that you can have multiple trash cans in the same area and you can even organize them according to their color or what goes in them. The cans are sitting there safely and you don’t have to worry about it being in plain sight when you have guests. They are very easy to manage and they keep the kitchen clutter free and clean. They also don’t take up any floor space that may be needed and they are hidden out of sight.


A trash can isn’t a beautiful thing that you have in your kitchen. It isn’t hygienic or aesthetical. But, it is something that is needed and you can’t replace it with anything else. The only solution is to find a way to hide it, so it isn’t in plain sight or to make it a bit more appealing to your eye.

·         For under cabinet use in kitchen

·         Pulls out on a slide out track

·         Easy installation

·         Low weight

·         Available in 35qt and 27qt

·         Gray, Black and White color options

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Double Slide Out Trash Black or Silver | 35qt
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