Door Protectors

Prevent Unsightly Scratches With Our Convenient Cabinet Door Protectors!

Having a pull-out or a sliding shelf can add a touch of class to your kitchen. It can make your daily cooking prep extremely convenient and easy. However, certain sliding mechanisms can leave unsightly scratches on the door. This happens when the door is not fully open and a shelf is pulled out in a hurry, resulting in unintentional marring on the insides of the cabinets.

Slide Out Shelves LLC has provided a wholesome solution to this problem in the form of special door protectors. Made with slick plastic material, they can be easily attached to the side of the pull-out drawers and shelves with a single screw. The edges of the door protectors are rounded, so they will gently nudge the door open. You can buy these door protectors at a very low price from our website in packs of 12 units.

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