Bin Drawer Shelf

The bin drawer can hold flat cooking sheets and foil boxes all in one drawer 7 3/8 Tall drawer with dividers every 3 inch Dividers can be easily removed to enlarge bin area if needed

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Custom Solution for Storing Flat Cooking Sheets and Baking Pans!

Storing baking pans and flat cooking sheets in drawers can be difficult and messy. Because of their different sized and width, they always end up being tipped over when you open the kitchen cabinets. Slide Out Shelves LLC has devised a clever solution for easy storage of such kitchenware by manufacturing custom-built bin drawer shelves.

Featuring a weight capacity of almost 75 lbs, our bin drawer shelves are built with durable long-lasting Baltic birch along with side sliders for a smooth pull-out function.

Each unit comes with a number of sturdy melamine dividers. The area of the slots within the bin drawer shelf can be adjusted by the independent divides according to storage requirements and can neatly fit a variety of cookware sizes and brands.

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Pull Out Bin Drawer
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