2 3/8 Tall Kitchen Cabinet Slide Out Shelves

Our pull out shelves come with premium construction methods not premium costs. All shelves are constructed with rabbet joint construction which is glued and pin-nailed together. We cut a dadoe groove 1/2" up from the shelves bottom and insert a furniture grade melamine bottom in your choice of maple or white colors. You can also choose to have your pull out shelves delivered to you in a completely hand sanded unfinished ready for your own stain or paint. Or you can order any of our birch shelves with a lacquer finish that has a catalyzed finish and is UV protected. Our lacquered finish sidewalls are so smooth that you will swear they are not a natural product. All of our pull out shelves are Carb2 compliant for gas emissions so you can be confident that if you are chemical sensitive, our product is safe

All shelves are handmade to 1/8 inch increments so your kitchen or pantry cabinets will look as if they came with roll out shelves from the factory.

Made of 9 ply baltic birch which compliments a maple look when lacquered ( in fact we have seen some online stores advertising them as 9ply maple.. ?) 

Our 2 3/8 inch tall pull out shelves are available to fit cabinet openings from 6 inches to 36 inches wide. We have broken the sizes down in 3 width categories according to amount of material used and size of shipping containers required.

Lead Times:

Small Orders- 1-20 shelves typically ship 1-2 business days

Medium Orders- 20-50 Shelves typically ship in 2-3 business days

Orders over 50 shelves-call

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