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We take great pride in what we do and go to great lengths to deliver a consistent and quality product. Slide out Shelves LLC warranties to the original buyer, that our shelves are free from workmanship defects for the life of the shelf. If this product fails during normal use Slide out Shelves LLC will repair, replace, or refund the original price of any defective shelf.

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Slide Out Shelf Side Cart


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Roll Out Shelf Side Cart For Sink Cabinets
Side Cart attaches to our roll out shelves to give additional storage area.

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Under Sink Pull Out Shelf Sidecart

Side Cart attaches to our roll out shelves (sold separately) to give additional storage area.

Shelf height is 10 inches, when attached to the roll out shelf, the total height of the shelf will increase by approx 1 1/2", ( Top installed shelf will be approx 11 1/2" from the cabinet floor). The shelf has 2 3/8" sidewalls. Bottom roll out shelf not included

Side Cart is 5" wide, 4" inside measurements

6 inches needed from the edge of the clear opening needed for this item to fit properly

The Depth is the size of shelf that the side cart is ordered for i.e. if you order a 19" deep shelf and intend the side cart to be used with this shelf depth, then enter 19" in shelf depth we will subtract what is needed for the side cart to fit inside of the roll out shelf

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