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Blind Corner Pull Outs

SKU: BCCB-Corner/21

Availability: In stock

Blind corner pull out shelves increase the storage accessibilities of cabinets with blind corners

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Blind Corner Pull Out Shelves

Blind corners in kitchen cabinets always present a storage problem, our pull out Corner Connection™ unit will remedy that.

See how the blind corner unit is installed by viewing videos

Additional Information

SKU BCCB-Corner/21
More Info

Mounted onto full extension drawer slides

75 lb weight capacity

UV Lacquered finish

Shelf bottoms available in White or Hard Rock Maple mdf melamine or Clear Coat Lacquered Birch Ply

Available for 15 ,16,17, 18 inch door openings


20" Door frame height min

23" cabinet inside

Inside pull out unit measures 20x22

Front pull out unit 14x22(15" opening)15x22(16"opening)16x22(17"opening) 17x22 (18" opening)

*The shelf that sits into the blind corner part of the cabinet requires a 15" opening to fit inside, this is why we offer this product starting at 15" wide. We can make smaller slide out shelves for the door opening area only

Door protectors attach to the side of the drawer and help to prevent the edge of the drawer slide from scratching the cabinet door if the door is not opened entirely. You can view this item and the installation video in our hardware section click here to view

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Product Video

Video shows how our blind corner system is installed