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Adjustable Pilaster System

SKU: TNTB520-522

Availability: In stock

Make adjusting the vertical placement of slide out shelves easy with this pilaster system. Pilaster sets are 20" tall

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Adjustable Pull Out Shelf Pilaster

Make adjusting the vertical placement  of slide out shelves easy with this pilaster system

Pilaster sets are 20" tall (4 uprights in set) and come with hook dowels for 2 drawer slides ( slides not included)

If Ordering slide out shelves from us, the shelves will come with 3/4 extension slides as shown

Full extension slides can also be used with the pilaster system

Most pantries require 2-3 sets of pilasters

Pilasters can be trimmed

We recommend not installing more than 3 pull out shelves per 20" pilaster system

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SKU TNTB520-522
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To measure for pilasters for slide out shelves

Measure from the inside cabinet wall to the edge of the hinge or door (whichever protrudes into the opening the most

Determine which pilaster will be need to clear this distance ( 1" or 1 1/4" or 2" )Measure from inside wall to opposite inside wall

Subtract the size of pilaster x 2

See Videos tab for installation video

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