How To Make A Pull Out Pantry

A pull out pantry is almost a necessity considering how deep and narrow most pantries are. We install pull out shelves in pantries all the time to make it convenient for homeowners to access everything easily. Occasionally we are asked to attach the door to the pull out pantry shelves so that it rolls out as one unit.

This is asked often by customers ordering pull out shelves for their own pantries through our web store

The first thing that needs to be done of course is to install the pull out shelves in the pantry. The following pictures show our Pull Out Spice Racks installed inside a pantry  multiple single pull out shelves can be attached the same way.

Roll Out Shelves installed inside the pantry

When installing the cabinet half of the drawer slides, be sure the front edge of the slide is mounted as close the the outside edge of the cabinet opening as possible without protruding outside of the cabinet. This will make mounting the pantry door easier as described later. We are installing our cabinet roll out shelves inside a face frame cabinet. The shelves will be side mounted so a 3/4″ plywood strip is attached to the cabinet sidewall to mount the drawer slides to.  Below is a full extension slide, but an epoxy drawer slide  mounts the same way.

Drawer Slide attached to pantry cabinet

Once you have the cabinet part of the drawer  slides installed inside the pantry cabinet, you are ready to get the pull out shelves set to accept the pantry door.

We use double face tape to set our door placements. These square tape pads can be purchased at most hardware stores. The double faced tape will allow you to place the door squarely on the pantry cabinet before screwing the pull out shelves to the door. These pads will also allow minor adjustments in square.

Place a tape square on the bottom and top shelves as shown below

Next, clamp a cleat to the bottom of the pantry cabinet at the height you want the door bottom to be.

Set your pantry door on this cleat, square the door to the pantry cabinet and press the door against the pull out shelves. The tape will hold the door temporarily until you can attach the  shelves to the door permanently.

Remove the bottom cleat and carefully slide the door open. This will expose the pull out shelves attached to the pantry door.

In each inside corner of the shelves install a screw through the shelf front into the back of the pantry door. Always be sure that you are putting the screw into the fat or thickest part of the door. Most pantry cabinet door frames are 3/4″ thick, our shelves are 1/2″ thick, so we use 1″ drywall screws to attach the  shelves to the door.

Once you have attached the bottom and top shelves to the pantry door, slide any remaining shelves against the door and attach the same way.

Now your pantry shelves are attached to the pantry door and when you pull the pantry door open or close, all the pantry shelves roll into and out of the cabinet.

Below are pictures of a base kitchen cabinet with slide out shelves attached to the door and pull out pantries


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They are custom made to fit existing cabinets

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